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Announcement of Trials of the Late Roman Republic 2

We publish this announcement on behalf of Michael C. Alexander.

My book Trials in the Late Roman Republic, 149 BC to 50 BC was published in 1990. It is now available online at I would like to supervise the creation of a second edition of this reference work by recruiting a small group of interested scholars to produce, in a collaborative effort, a second revised and updated edition. I believe that this project will prove rewarding to participants, and will produce a useful reference work.

The goal of the group will be to make the following changes to the first edition:

  1. Correct errors and omissions

  2. Update the work to reflect scholarship published since 1988 that relates to the trials of this period

  3. Convert the book, currently available in pdf, from print format to a state-of-the-art database.

The new edition will be written in English. I hope to find a scholarly association to sponsor TLRR2. I will serve as editor of the second edition, and the other members of the group (probably three to five in number) will be its co-authors.

Participation in this project can provide scholars with experience in writing a reference work as they develop their careers, and a good building block for a career in Roman Republican history, Roman Law, and/or Roman legal history. If you are interested in applying to be a co-author of the second edition of Trials in the Late Roman Republic, 149 BC to 50 BC, have completed your doctorate in a related field, and have access to a research library with the necessary resources in this field, please write to me by e-mail ( to learn how to apply.

Applications will be welcome from residents of any nation. Participants will not receive any remuneration and will be responsible for their own expenses, which will include travel to two meetings of the editor and co-authors in North America or Europe.

The projected timeline for completion of the project will be:

April 1, 2014. Deadline for applications.

October, 2014. Introductory meeting.

December, 2015. Completion of drafts, second meeting.

August, 2016. Launch of online edition of TLRR2.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Michael C. Alexander
Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.
Professor Emeritus
Department of History
University of Illinois at Chicago

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