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SIAC Cicero XX-XX Competition

Dear members,


The city of Arpino, Cicero's little homeland, is launching a competition open to all in 2020 on the theme "Cicero still. Today". The competition is addressed to three different categories of individuals coming from the whole world:


·      The discipuli, students of the final year of any high school with a curriculum including the study of Latin (referring to the school year 2019/2020);

·      The studentes, university students;

·      The magistri, high school teachers, PhD students, other graduates.


The competition consists in the elaboration of an essay reflecting on the persistent relevance of Ciceronian thought and dealing with the theme «Cicero Still. Today». The thirty best essays - ten per category - will be published in 2020. The text should not exceed 15,000 characters including spaces. 


Each of the three categories deals with the theme by drawing from various sectors of the works by Marcus Tullius Cicero. In particular:

·      Discipuli: Cicero Still. Today: Cicero’s orations;

·      Studentes: Cicero Still. Today: the political and philosophical works;

·      Magistri: Cicero Still. Today: Cicero’s epistulae.


You will find the regulations in English at this address. We recommend that you read them.


The registration fee for each category is 20 €, 30 € and 40 € respectively.


The SIAC proposes to its members (who are up to date with their membership fees) to pay the registration fee at its own expense. 


Here is the procedure to follow:


The SIAC member (mentor) sends us the name and category of the candidate(s) who would like to compete to the following address:  Each candidate must give us a valid email address. 


The SIAC does not review the content of the essay. It will only accept to support the candidate(s) within the limits of its budget. It trusts the candidates and their mentors to respect the rules and regulations.


The SIAC pays the registration fees directly to the city of Arpino, which sends back a receipt. Then, SIAC sends the receipt to the candidate and (copy to the mentor). 


As soon as the candidate is ready, he or she sends the essay to together with the registration form (here), the consent for the use of personal data (here) and the receipt of payment sent to him or her by the SIAC. These are four mandatory documents.


The essay must be sent by 21th September 2020 at the latest. SIAC's offer to its members is open from 1 June to 1 August 2020. However, this offer would end as soon as the limits of our budget are exceeded.  


SIAC will keep you informed of the progress of this project in its Newsletter.