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Translations section
François Prost, University of Paris IV Sorbonne, is entrusted with the Translations section of

The aim of the section is to put online original translations of ancient texts. The corpus includes, principally, the works of Cicero, but also texts relating to him or Roman thought.

• The translations will be accompanied by:

- An introduction to the text (in subdivisible categories: Overview; Context; Philological problems, etc.).
- Specific annotations to the text, written by the translator or by another member. Several types of annotations are possible:
- The informative notes, supposed to explain the text, which can be extended to any sub-categories offering documents on important aspects of culture, roman thought or mentioned characters.
- The philological notes, quoting alternatives lessons depending on different reference editions, with translation and explicitation of words or ideas;
- The bibliographic notes: indicating works of scholars whose work may enlight significantly the text. Possibly, some synthesis of scholarly discussions on the issue, etc.

• Translations section will open fields such as:

- The identification and evaluation of modern translations commonly available in usual collections (CUF, Loeb, BUR, Mondadori, Garzanti, etc.), and, where appropriate, in specific works (in France: GF, Folio, Livre de Poche, Rivages, academic publications, etc.).
- Online (or link to) translations of ancient texts since the Renaissance (from Bibliothèque Nationale de France, or other).
- The creation of accessories and annexes: online images of the places, art works; plans and maps, etc.

• The online translations and accessories will be introduced gradually, in accordance with the collaborative nature of The section will create links to other relevant sections of the site.

• Members of the SIAC and users can send remarks remarks, criticisms, requests for clarification or additional information that could contribute to the amendment of the translation and enrichment of the critical apparatus. They might mail to : Translations section is solely responsible for the online potential of these contributions.

• The Scientific Committee, in accordance with the statutes of the SIAC, will monitor the quality of all the productions of Translations section, and the full respect of its dual mission: scientific excellence and educational value.