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The journal Ciceroniana Online (COL) is published every six months by the International Society of Cicero’s Friends (SIAC) and the Centre for Ciceronian Studies in Rome (CSC). COL brings together articles on the historical, literary, philosophical figure of Cicero, his works and reception through the ages; the review is open to all disciplines and methodologies, extending, but not limited, to philology, linguistics, literary history, exegesis, rhetoric, Quellenforschung, philosophy, archaeology, art history, prosopography, religion, psychology, intertextual studies, literary genre, gender studies, anthropology, Fortleben, didactic, new media and digital classics.

Established through a common resolution taken by the SIAC and the CSC in 2010 and 2012 respectively, COL continues the work started by Ciceroniana (ISSN 0009-6687), which between 1973 and 2009 published in print the proceedings of the CSC’s first thirteen international colloquia. These proceedings are now freely accessible on COL’s website. The online publication is made possible thanks to the University of Turin’s Open Access platform.

Each submission is reviewed by two anonymous referees – a process that is guided by an Academic Board comprised of the following international specialists, C. Codoñer, M. De Nonno, C. Edwards, P. Fedeli, M. Fox, L. Gamberale, G. Garbarino, M. Graver, C. Guérin, C. Lévy, E. Malaspina, G. Manuwald, G. Mazzoli,R. Pierini, F. Prost, J. Ramsey, and H. Takahashi.

From COL’s foundation through to the end of 2016, the journal was under the direction of Prof. Giovanna Garbarino. As of 2017, the Director is Prof. Carlos Lévy. Prof. Malaspina is secretary of the Academic Board, and he supervises COL’s editorial team. COL also publishes reviews and bibliographic notes, for which Andrea Balbo is responsible.

COL’s first issue

The first volume of COL is now online, number I 2017, and presents those articles that were received after the first call for papers in the autumn of 2016 and successfully impressed the anonymous reviewers. Volume II 2017, to appear in the autum of 2017, will publish the proceedings of the conference, WAS IST EIN AMICUS? Überlegungen zu Konzept und Praxis der amicitiabei Cicero. The first volume of 2018 will publish the proceedings of the Cicero conference held at Chiavari in late 2017.


Index I 2017

C. Lévy, Cicéron était-il un « Roman Sceptic ? »


F. Boldrer, Cicerone e l’oratore tinctus litteris(de orat.2,85): questioni testuali e stilistiche


W. Englert, Fanum and Philosophy: Cicero and the Death of Tullia


M. Graver, The Dregs of Romulus. Stoic Philosophy in Cicero’s Pro Murenaand De Oratore


F. Lazzerini, Romulus’ adytumor asylum? A New Exegetical proposal for De lingua Latina5, 8


A. A. Raschieri, Rhetorical Education from Greece to Rome: the Case of Cicero’s De inventione


C. Scheidegger-Lämmle, On Cicero’s de domo. A Survey of Recent Work


C. Senore, Il ruolo di El Escorial, V.III.6 e dei suoi discendenti nella tradizione manoscritta del Lucullus


Cicerone, Aratea. Parte I: Proemio e Catalogo delle costellazioni, a cura di D. Pellacani (C. Donna)


Cicéron, Fins des Biens et des Maux, par J. Kany-Turpin (F. Colotte)


A. Accardi, Teoria e prassi del beneficium (I. Giambrocono)


G. Pezzini, Terence and the Verb “To Be” in Latin (E. Malaspina)


Bollettino bibliografico – Bulletin bibliographique(a cura di A.A. Raschieri)


Abstracts – Key words