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  1. Author: Adkin, Neil
    Title: Two texts of Cicero in Augustine (Pro Caelio 22 and Academica 2, 80)
    Review/Collection: "Koinonia", 21, 1-2
    Year edition: 1997
    Pages: 135-139
    Works: Academici libriPro Caelio 
    Author initials: Adkin 1997b
  2. Author: Adomeit, Klaus
    Title: Rechts und links bei Cicero
    Review/Collection: in: Harder, M. & Thilmann, G. (Hrsg.), De iustitia et iure. Festgabe für Ulrich von Lübtow zum 80 Geburtstag
    Year edition: 1980
    Pages: 81-91
    Review: Honsell, "Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte", 99 (1982), 488-49.
    Author initials: Adomeit 1980
  3. Author: Adorisio, Antonio Maria & Ciampoli, Domenico & Rizzo, Silvia
    Title: Due manoscritti petrarcheschi: Varia 3: F. Petrarca, Rime; Vitt. Em. 1632: Cicerone, Tusculanae disputationes, con postille autografe di Petrarca
    Place edition: Roma
    Editor: Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale
    Year edition: 2004
    Review: Canfora, L., "Quaderni di storia", 30, 60 (2004), 319-320.
    Description: 1 CD ROM
    Works: Tusculanae disputationes 
    Author initials: Adorisio and al. 2004
  4. Author: Adorno, Francesco
    Title: Note su aspetti e momenti del pensiero di Cicerone
    Review/Collection: "Ciceroniana", NS 2
    Year edition: 1975
    Pages: 43-58
    Author initials: Adorno 1975
  5. Author: Afzelius, A.
    Title: Das Ackerverteilungsgesetz des P.Servilius Rullus
    Review/Collection: "Classica et mediaevalia", 3
    Year edition: 1940
    Pages: 214-235
    Works: De lege agraria / Contra Rullum I-III 
    Author initials: Afzelius 1940
  6. Author: Afzelius, A.
    Title: Zwei Episoden aus dem Leben Ciceros
    Year edition: 1942
    Pages: 209-217
    Author initials: Afzelius 1942
  7. Author: Agnes, Leopoldo, [Ed. et Trans.]
    Title: Cicero, Marcus Tullius, Il poeta Archia
    Review/Collection: "Classica", 5
    Place edition: Genova
    Editor: Soc. Ed. internaz (SCIA)
    Year edition: 1949
    Pages: 75
    Review: Herrmann, "Latomus", 9 (1950), 458. van den Bruwaene, M., "L’antiquité classique" (1950), 208.
    Works: Pro Archia 
    Author initials: Agnes 1949
  8. Author: Aguilar Guillén, M. A. & T. Ñaco del Hoyo
    Title: Fiscalidad romana y la aparición del la mondea ibérica: apuntes para un discusión. 2, 195-171 BC.: algunos textos polémicos
    Review/Collection: "Habis", 28
    Year edition: 1997
    Pages: 71-86
    Description: [Abstract] There are not enough proves to demonstrate the setting up of a tax-system in Spain between 195 and 171 BC. An increasing interest by the Roman commanders in the exaction of revenues from the land production can surely be deducted by our new readings of Cic. 2 Verr. 3.16.12 and Liv. 43.2. These exactions were probably used to feed the armies operating in Spain. No fiscal matter can be directly related to the appearance of the Iberian Coinage. However, this coinage could have been the consequence of the Roman interest in applying to the indigenous peoples, mainly non-coinage societies, exaction mechanisms such as adhaeratio in the value of the whole amount of corn they had to give ad hoc to the commanders. That policy created the progressive and necessary stimuli to permit these peoples enter the monetary culture. Many other local and economic interests, apart from the needs of the Roman army stationed in Spain, could also help.
    Works: In Verrem II 
    Author initials: Guillén & del Hoyo 1997
  9. Author: Ahrens, A.
    Title: Cicero als Übersetzer epischer und tragischer Dichtung der Griechen
    Place edition: Hamburg
    Year edition: 1961
    Pages: 582
    Description: Diss.,
    Works: Ex variis conversa 
    Author initials: Ahrens 1961
  10. Author: Aili, H, M. & Moller Jensen, [Ed.]
    Title: Tullius Cicero, Pro Caelio oratio
    Place edition: Stockholm
    Year edition: 2005
    Pages: 121
    Description: Latinsk text med svensk översättning, realiakommentar och grammatisk kommentar.
    Works: Pro Caelio 
    Author initials: Aili & Moller 2005
  11. Author: Aili, Hans
    Title: The Prose Rhythm of Sallust and Livy
    Review/Collection: "Studia Latina Stockholmiensia", 24
    Place edition: Stockholm
    Editor: Almqvist & Wiksell International
    Year edition: 1979
    Pages: 151
    Review: Hellegouarc’h, J., "Revue d'études latines", 57 (1979). Liénard, E., "Antiquité Classique", 49 (1980). Primmer, A., AAW 33 (1980). Dangel, J., "Latomus", 40 (1981).  Gotoff, H. C., "Classical Philology", 76 (1981). Winterbottom, M., "Classical Review", 30 (1981). Flobert, F., "Revue de Philologie de Littérature et d'Histoire anciennes" , 56 (1982). Moller, K., "Gnomon", 58 (1986). 
    Author initials: Aili 1979
  12. Author: Akinpelu, J. A.
    Title: The Stoic scala naturae
    Review/Collection: "Proceedings of the African Classical Association", 10
    Year edition: 1967
    Pages: 29-35
    Description: Discussion de la présentation de la doctrine stoïcienne dans De nat. deor. ii, 33-36. [PhR]
    Works: De natura deorum 
    Author initials: Akinpelu 1967
  13. Author: Albanese, Bernardo
    Title: "Usus auctoritas fundi" in XII Tab. 6, 3 secondo le testimonianze di Cicerone
    Review/Collection: "Annali del Seminario Giuridico dell'Univ. di Palermo", 45, 1
    Year edition: 1998
    Pages: 5-31
    Description: Etudie la norme decemvirale " Usus auctoritas fundi "sur le témoignage de Cic. Caecin. 19, 54 et Cic. Top. 4, 23.
    Works: Pro CaecinaTopica 
    Author initials: Albanese 1998
  14. Author: Albanese, Bernardo
    Title: Brevi studi di diritto Romano
    Review/Collection: "Annali del Seminario Giuridico dell' Università di Palermo", 42
    Place edition: Torino
    Year edition: 1992
    Pages: 5-180
    Author initials: Albanese 1992
  15. Author: Albanese, Bernardo
    Title: Brevi studi di diritto romano. 2, 6, Le XII Tavole e il calendario
    Review/Collection: "Annali del Seminario Giuridico dell'Univ. di Palermo", 43
    Year edition: 1995
    Pages: 136-152
    Description: Utilise Att. 6, 1, 8, mais aussi Tite-Live (6, 1, 8-11), Macrobe (Sat. 1, 13, 21) et Ovide (fast. 2, 47-54) pour discuter de l’activité législative des decemvirs relative au calendrier et conclut que celle-ci n’est pas certaine. [PhR]
    Works: Epistulae ad Atticum 
    Author initials: Albanese 1995
  16. Author: Albanese, Bernardo
    Title: Brevi studi di diritto romano. 3
    Review/Collection: "Annali del Seminario Giuridico dell'Univ. di Palermo", 47
    Year edition: 2002
    Pages: 9-120
    Description: Cette suite de notes comprend un commentaire sur L’ «Ars iuris ciuilis» dans le système de pensée cicéronien. [PhR]
    Author initials: Albanese 2002
  17. Author: Albanese, Bernardo
    Title: Brevi studi di diritto romano. 4
    Review/Collection: "Annali del Seminario Giuridico dell'Univ. di Palermo", 48
    Year edition: 2003
    Pages: 9-82
    Description: Cette série de notes comprend uneétude sur la «Lex mancipii» et le concept de «nuncupatio» dans Cic., De orat. 1, 13, 178 et Cic., De off. 3, 16, 65. [PhR]
    Works: De officiisDe oratore 
    Author initials: Albanese 2003
  18. Author: Albanese, Bernardo
    Title: La "vetus atque usitata exceptio" di Cic., De orat. 1, 37, 168
    Review/Collection: "Annali del Seminario Giuridico dell'Univ. di Palermo", 49
    Year edition: 2004
    Pages: 27-39
    Description: Dans ce passage, Cicéron étudie une erreur juridique pour illustrer l’ignorance de certains orateurs dans le domaine du droit. [PhR]
    Works: De oratore 
    Author initials: Albanese 2004
  19. Author: Albanese, Bernardo
    Title: La sponsio processuale sulla qualifica di vir bonus
    Review/Collection: "Studia et documenta historiae et iuris", 60
    Year edition: 1994
    Pages: 135-158
    Description: Utilise le témoignage de De off. 3, 19, 77, pour discuter des formules de droit privé relatives au uir bonus. [PhR]
    Works: De officiis 
    Author initials: Albanese 1994
  20. Author: Albanese, Bernardo
    Title: P. Mucio Scevola pontefice e l'uccisione sulla nave
    Review/Collection: "Bulletino del Istituto di diritto romano", Ser. 3, 37-38
    Year edition: 1996
    Pages: 25-44
    Description: Etude sur la carrière juridique de Publius Mucius Scaevola et sur le «ius pontificium», à partir de Cic., Leg. 2, 47-54. [PhR]
    Works: De legibus 
    Author initials: Albanese 1996
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